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Water Coolers

Water Coolers
Brand: Dosel
Thermal-insulated water cooler for keeping drinks and juices made of high-quality and safe materials, characterized by a thick inner layer that is easy to clean and resistant to stains and odors. Perfect for camping, on the road, on picnics, or when traveling by car.features:One-touch operatio..
S.R 550.50 S.R 734.00
Ex Tax:S.R 478.70
Brand: Dosel
Highly efficient compressor makes it easy to dispense hot and cold waterEquipped with light indicators to enable you to understand when it is on or off Comes with separate faucets for hot and cold water dispensing Astutely braced for easy installation and application Double safety devise for prevent..
S.R 573.00 S.R 764.00
Ex Tax:S.R 498.26
Brand: Dosel
With micro P-Clean filtration system, this bottled water dispenser effectively removes microplastics to ensure the cleanness of water. It also comes with UV light disinfection technology, killing up to 99.9% bacteria in the cold water tank.features:Bottom loading Micro P-Clean filtration Lon..
S.R 681.75 S.R 909.00
Ex Tax:S.R 592.83
Brand: Dosel
Dosel water dispenser has 2 taps hot/cold water, also has a stainless steel hot water tank, child safety lock for hot water, double safety device to prevent overheating and high-efficiency compressor cooling.features:Low Noise Energy Saving Chiller LED light indicator Practical water propuls..
S.R 630.75 S.R 841.00
Ex Tax:S.R 548.48
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