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Sandwich Makers

Sandwich Makers
Brand: Ocarina
The Ocarina Sandwich Maker is an easy to use and safe machine, as it provides you with the ability to prepare and cut sandwiches easily and in a small time. It features a 750-watt motor, which provides you with fast preparation and cooking with the best results. It also has a smooth design, as it he..
S.R 120.00
Ex Tax:S.R 104.35
Brand: Dosel
4slice detachable Sandwich & Grill (2)Plate ,1300W, 220-240V 50/60Hz From DOSEL..
S.R 241.00
Ex Tax:S.R 209.57
Brand: Dosel
4slice detachable Sandwich & Grill (2)Plate ,1300W,220-240V 50/60Hz From DOSEL..
S.R 213.00
Ex Tax:S.R 185.22
Brand: Dosel
Elec. Grill, 220-240V, 50/60Hz. 1800 Watts From DOSEL..
S.R 309.00
Ex Tax:S.R 268.70
Brand: Dosel
Sandwich Maker 750W, 220-240V, 50/60Hz From DOSEL..
S.R 72.00
Ex Tax:S.R 62.61
Brand: Ocarina
Every morning making tasty breakfast is a hectic task. Ocarina presents Sandwich Maker. You can try delicious and healthy sandwiches with your sandwich maker. It offers 750 W power.Features :• Non-stick coated plates for easy cleaning. • Perfectly toasts your sandwichs ..
S.R 110.00
Ex Tax:S.R 95.65
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